Chronic Parenting


Welcome to my new blog! For those who are following me here from my old WordPress site – thank you! It’s because of you that I have been inspired to take my blog a step further so I can reach more people.

For those of you who are new to Chronic Parenting, I appreciate your time. I started this blog not just for mothers with fibromyalgia but for all mothers and all suffering with fibro. Though I speak mostly about my experiences and challenges as a mother with chronic pain, I also share pieces on mental health, depression, anxiety, marriage and other topics that I feel are not spoken about often or loudly enough.

My goal is to be a mouthpiece for those who suffer in silence, those with invisibile illness, mothers dealing with more than just parenthood and for fibromyalgia.

I really hope you will stick around and get something out of my words. Please forgive me as blogging is fairly new to me and I am still getting the hang of it. Thank you!